Guitar tablature for All about me by Wasserfal (tabbed by Devis)
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Wasserfall - All about me

Tabbed by: Devon du Toit
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Verse 1       (Intro Picking vir die eerste 2 lyne van verse 1)

My heart is alive, I can't stay by your side

I've gotta be on my way, Gotta find my way
               D               Bm  
My heart is a blur and damned nothing is sure
         G                                    D
I gotta find myself on the next train out of here
          D                     Bm
I gotta realise, that these are real eyes
               G             D
And these are real lies

           G                                              D       
I've been sitting by the roadside dreamin of the seaside next to you
And what a way to waste been missing you for days
Never had myself a clue
       D                      Bm
But I know, I have to let you go
                            G                        D
So why've you gotta go and make it     all about me

Verse 2
               D                  Bm
My heart is a lie and nothing is black and white
            G                             D  
I'd rather dance on this tight rope than run to you
      D                    Bm
And realise, that this is real life
              G               D
And I'm on a real high


       G                          D
Well I spend my nights out on the ocean
      G                        Bm
And I spend my days out in the sun
You are the only one
You are the only one

Baby its all about me.

(Speel rond met die D noot in die verses bv 0h2 op die onderste snaar ens..)

Thats How I play it. Have Fun! Wasserfall Rock

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